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Creating Brand Identity Through Packaging

When you are running a business, how you choose to package your product tells a lot about you as a company, your brand, and your products themselves. The vision of your brand does not always tie into the look of your product, which is why your packaging is an excellent way to express that identity.

It is important to establish your brand’s identity to convey your message and purpose to your target audience. Your packaging will help you get there.

Our packaging experts at Doran & Ward are passionate about expressing a brand’s purpose and vision. We provide tips on how to effectively label your products in today’s competitive market.

Why Brand Identity Matters

A brand’s identity is a holistic look at logos, fonts, colors, style and tone that can foster a unique look and personality to promote your brand identity and attract customers. Your brand identity also includes your mission, vision and unique proposition, or what makes you different from your competitors. It is a reflection of your business and the impression that you leave on customers.

The identity of your products matters because they are how the public recognizes you. You are establishing trust with consumers when they remember your product or name. This trust turns into loyalty, repeat customers, positive reviews and recommendations to family and friends.

How Important is Packaging Design?

Once your brand and product identity is established, you need to ensure it is communicated in your packaging. For many businesses, their packaging is the closest they will get to directly communicating with customers. It not only provides a medium to show what product is inside, but it is also an opportunity to express who you are, what you value, and what matters to you.

Your brand packaging design also needs to be unique to stand out from your competitors. It should be eye-catching, engaging and an accurate representation of your brand.

Aside from looks, packaging needs to be durable to withstand spoilage and transportation. If your product package falls apart before the customer can bring it home, they will remember that incident and will be reluctant to purchase again.

Ways to Enhance Your Brand Image

To make sure you are getting noticed by customers, you need to be creating a positive brand image. Think about the shape of your packaging, the labels and what type of box or folding carton you use. Make sure all of the important information is on your package, like how to use the product, expiration date, who should use the product and why people should buy it.

Consider how well your packaging is communicating your mission, vision, and values to customers. What do you want customers to feel when they see your packaged product on the shelf? Think about the words you want your brand and products to symbolize, and how your packaging can communicate those key ideas to customers.

Strengthen your brand image by taking the time to craft your packaging. The designs will pay off and help you establish relationships with your customers.

Doran & Ward is a trustworthy packaging manufacturer, providing high-quality print packaging that consistently and effectively communicates our client’s message to consumers. We are more than just a packaging company. We care about establishing relationships with our partners and we use our years of expertise to fulfill the needs of your brand.

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