Pressure-Sensitive Labels

For a polished finish on your product packaging, DWP’s Pressure-Sensitive Labels are a great option.

We can tailor the look of your labels to your brand with in-house custom ink formulations. We also offer chemical-resistant options as well as all facets of film and paper substrates. The straightforward application of these labels can streamline your production process while delivering a clean, classic look.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels have many applications. Let our team of experts help you find the right one for your product and branding goals.


Pressure-Sensitive Label Features

Coatings Finishings

Finishing Coatings

We apply Finishing Coatings to protect the ink as well as provide the gloss level our customers are looking for. In order of high-gloss to low-gloss, we offer UV gloss, standard gloss, satin, matte, dull and soft touch. We also offer pattern coating to highlight a logo or other elements to add some pop.


Custom Laminations

Through our Custom Laminations, we can secure the ink between two layers by adding a gloss or matte film laminate over the base label (paper or film).

Sheets or Rolls

Delivered In Sheets Or Rolls

While labels are typically shipped in rolls, at Doran & Ward Packaging, we have the option to do things differently to meet our customers at their point of need. Need sheeted labels? No problem! The answer is, "Yes."

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