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Cut & Stack Labels

DWP’s Cut and Stack Labels are a classic printing option for bottles, jars, cans, and other container types.

Whether you’re looking for die-cutting or the more traditional wrap-around application, Cut and Stack Labels come with a variety of options to get the right look for your product and brand while being an economical labeling solution.

Peruse some of the other great features of our Cut and Stack Labels and let us help bring your vision to life.


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Cut and Stack Label Features

Hot Melt Icon

Hot Melt

A Hot Melt adhesive can be applied to the back of our Cut and Stack Labels for optimal sealing.

Mold Inhibitor Icon

Mold Inhibitor

To inhibit the growth of mold on our Cut and Stack Labels, we can apply Mold Inhibitor to provide ample protection for your labels, packaging, and your product.

Coatings Finishings

Finishing Coatings

We apply Finishing Coatings to protect the ink as well as provide the gloss level our customers are looking for. In order of high-gloss to low-gloss, we offer UV gloss, standard gloss, satin, matte, dull and soft touch. We also offer pattern coating to highlight a logo or other elements to add some pop.

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