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Color Management

Your colors are a big part of your identity. Having color consistency in every label, on every substrate, through every run isn’t a matter of being nitpicky, it’s a quality standard that is central to maintaining the integrity of your brand.

When it comes to Color Management, not all providers are created equal and we don’t take color lightly. Our commitment to color is an extension of the level of service we aspire to provide. That’s why we’ve invested in cutting edge color technology to ensure not only excellent color but the right color, every time.

Color Control

Color Lock At Your Service

The DWP Color Lock System features the latest technology in color analysis with on-press monitoring. Color Lock allows our team of experienced color specialists to use empirical data within the workflow to deliver consistent color throughout every project as well as repeatable color time after time.

Our exacting Color Lock Color Management System delivers extremely accurate color matches with unmatched consistency. It begins with the analysis of an agreed upon color standard. Whether it's pulled from Pantone Live or created from your favorite shirt, Color Lock will build a database of the colors' components that are used to create the matched ink. Our training and workflow ensure that, as we develop the ink colors, the formulation is locked in for future runs.

When our offline proofers have completed the sample, it is compared by the latest software to the agreed standard. Then the most stringent test is made for our color specialists to compare the colors in controlled environments before it can be released to the press.

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