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Why Doran & Ward Packaging?

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At Doran & Ward Packaging, we have a heritage of delivering quality printing and packaging solutions since 1952. But what we offer our customers goes well beyond printing.

Everything we do is about building the relationships we have with our customers. We want our customers to feel taken care of and supported; like family. The service we provide to our customers isn’t limited to phone calls or emails responding to requests, it’s woven into every facet of our business. From our investment in cutting edge technology and color precision to our knowledge, training, and commitment to innovation, our primary focus is serving our customers better. We just happen to provide quality printing and packaging solutions.

We want our customers to feel taken care of and supported; like family.

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Our Facilities

Our 2 facilities in Burlington, Iowa make up over 80,000 square feet and employ an around-the-clock workforce of nearly 100 people dedicated to ensuring our customers get what they need when they need it. Our flexographic web printing presses and sheet-fed offset printing presses can offer a full range of printing options to fit your needs. With extensive pre-press and converting capabilities,  combined with die cutter, folder/gluer, and finishing departments, we take great pride in our versatility and ability to offer our customers a variety of solutions.

Our History

Since 1952, Doran & Ward Packaging has been developing an outstanding reputation for providing quality printing and packaging, as well as exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable sales team is completely devoted to our customers and will ensure you always receive outstanding support and service.

For 4 decades, we have specialized in producing miniature bar soap wrappers, soap cartons, labels and liquid packets for the hospitality industry. Now, as the largest producer of miniature bar soap wrappers in the United States, we are continuing to diversify and grow to meet our customers' needs. We also specialize in retail soap packaging, folding cartons, film, flexible packaging, pressure sensitive labels, and inner stiffener bands.

Our entire folding carton department was born from a single customer’s question. “We love your product, could you also make boxes?” Another opportunity to serve our customer presented itself and we created an entire department dedicated to a brand new product line.

When we had two production lines down, you not only rushed wrappers through your facility, but rented a plane and flew to our location with them in a rainstorm. Not something just any supplier would do and that really impressed me and has stuck with me through all these years.

We had a different customer come to us years ago and say, "We’re looking to sell a multi-pack product wrapped in film. Can you print film?" And that was the launch of our flexible packaging lines. Flexibility, adaptability, and just finding a way to say "Yes" have built the great relationships that we have with our customers today.

How May We Help You?

While others may only have one or the other, at Doran & Ward Packaging, we are uniquely poised to offer both offset and flexographic printing. From specialty coatings, substrates and pre-press to in-house plate making and ink mixing, our versatility ensures we can meet you at your point of need.

Need Help?

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