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Flexible Packaging

With its ease of usability and protective qualities, flexible packaging is an increasingly popular packaging option, and for good reason.

At Doran & Ward Packaging, we can help design and create flexible packaging solutions with the functionality and durability you need while ensuring the right message and optimal marketability for your brand.

We take pride in being able to offer our customers the latest in Flexible Packaging innovation. Discover other great features of our Flexible Packaging solutions.


Flexible Packaging Features

standup pouch

Stand Up Pouches

We offer a variety of Stand Up Pouch sizes with different bottoms, including Round bottom, K-Corner, and Plow bottom.

fill and seal

Form, Fill & Seal

We offer vertical and horizontal Form, Fill & Seal packaging options for everything from coffee packs to drink powders. This in-line style of packaging provides great efficiency in production.

liquid pouch

Liquid Pouches

Also known as sachets, our Liquid Pouches are made of metallized foil material that can hold a variety of liquids like shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, etc.

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