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Flexible Packaging

As one of the most popular options on the market, flexible packaging should speak to your brand — which is why Doran & Ward offers fully-customizable flexible packaging solutions.

When you choose Doran & Ward, you get flexible packaging solutions that offer the functionality and durability you need. Our in-house production team brings your ideal packaging solution to life while ensuring optimal marketability, allowing your brand to stand out on the shelf.

The Doran & Ward team is constantly working toward innovations in longevity, strength and styling, providing limitless options for your flexible packaging. From prepress to sustainable packaging options and on-time delivery, we've got your back.


Flexible Packaging for Your Industry

We offer custom packaging for a variety of food products, from granola bars to coffee beans.

Order custom flexible packaging for your pet brand, and receive high-quality solutions for treats, food and more.

Our flexible packaging for pharmaceuticals includes a variety of reliable features, including flexographic printing, multiple SKU management and moisture barriers.

Flexible packaging can be used in any market — and we know how to do it!

A Flexible Packaging Company that Cares

At Doran & Ward, you’re not just a customer — you're a partner. With over 60 years of experience under our belt, we pride ourselves in diligent customer service and care, and we strive to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations. 

Our commitments to innovation, cutting-edge technology and industry expertise all serve one purpose: To serve you better.

Flexible Packaging Features

standup pouch Icon
Stand Up Pouches

We offer a variety of Stand Up Pouch sizes with different bottoms, including Round bottom, K-Corner, and Plow bottom.

Form fill & seal custom food packaging
Form, Fill & Seal

We offer vertical and horizontal Form, Fill & Seal packaging options for everything from coffee packs to drink powders. This in-line style of packaging provides great efficiency in production.

Printed sachets
Liquid Pouches

Also known as sachets, our Liquid Pouches are made of metallized foil material that can hold a variety of liquids like shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, etc.

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