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Our Certifications

The credibility of our technology and the work we do is important to us and it’s important to our customers.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is built around delivering the highest quality color consistency and graphics coupled with the procedural discipline needed for pharmaceutical and direct food packaging. We carry multiple certifications that are audited frequently. We back up our state of the art technology with work instructions and Standard Operating Procedures that document all the actions taken.

We have a very stringent supplier approval program that involves tests and audits to ensure we are starting each and every project with the best materials.

In addition to the following certifications, we have also passed audits and have been certified by Walgreens, Walmart & Amway.

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SQF Institute

Safe Quality Foods certifies that we can print direct contact food packaging. View Our 2024 Certificate

Our Past SQF Scores

2017 - 98/Excellent
2018 - 96/Excellent
2019 - 94/Good
2020 - 95/Good

2021 - 100/Excellent
2022 - 96/Excellent
2023 - 96/Excellent
2024 - 96/Excellent

G7 Master Colorspace Logo
The G7 Method

The G7 Method is a printing procedure used for visually accurate color reproduction by putting emphasis on matching grayscale colorimetric measurements between processes.

Doran & Ward is proud to hold the Master Facility Colorspace certification. View our 2023-2024 Certification

Graphic Measures International
GMI Graphic Measures International

Certifies and measures the performance, processes and print quality of a printer. This assures brand owners will receive repeatable color consistency.

GMP Seal Logo
Good Manufacturing Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice is a system of ensuring products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

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