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Pill Packs

At Doran & Ward, we design and manufacture top-tier printed packaging for vitamins, tablets and other sample pills to help you make a lasting impression. We are committed to maintaining high standards of functionality, durability and product protection — meaning you can have it all without sacrificing marketability! 

With us, your brand is king. Our in-house production team brings your ideal packaging solution to life with custom manufacturing specifically for your product. This means that from functionality to aesthetic, you get the perfect packaging solution for your needs each and every time. 

Order custom-made packs to complement your blister packaging, and rest assured your product will be not only protected, but beautifully displayed.

DCP Pharma Product Detail

Our Custom Packaging For Pill Samples

With over 60 years of industry experience under our belt, we know the key to success is in serving our partnerships well — more specifically, serving you well. We pride ourselves in diligent care and service, and we strive to meet (and exceed!) your expectations with each new project. 

We’re here for a reason: To serve you better.

How We Make Our Sample Packs

Our in-house team takes pride in its ability to manufacture and print packaging solutions efficiently and effectively. We’re committed to innovation, meaning we are constantly looking for ways to improve your ideal solution.

Step 1: We use a proprietary in-house sealant to prepare the stock for production

Step 2: The coated board is printed with your custom design

Step 3: The packaging is die-cut with precision to ensure final fit

Step 4: We send your packaging to be assembled with your pills

Our Clients Say It Best

An Example of Class and Dignity

“You always were an example of class and dignity and you treated your customers the way you would want to be treated. Very rare traits indeed these days. Those values were no doubt also instilled in your employees that I have had the pleasure to know and work with all these years.”

Honest, Kind and Professional

“Let me say to you that you are one of the most honest, kind and professional people that I have dealt with over my working career. There was never a job too small or too large that you and your staff at Doran & Ward Packaging could not complete, it was just done! Even when the Mississippi banks flooded many years ago, the wraps and soap cartons arrived on time.”

Always Receptive to Meet Our Needs

“Doran & Ward Packaging has been a supplier of ours for several years and I have had the pleasure of working with them over the past eight years. I can say from all aspects in customer service, DWP has always done what they can to meet any of our expectations. From requests for urgent quotes, shorter lead times on orders, spikes in our demand, DWP is always receptive to meet our needs. It is that emphasis on the customer that keeps us buying from Doran & Ward Packaging. Sheri is our key account manager and I can honestly say she is one of the most attentive, responsive sales person I have worked with.”

I Appreciate You

“I want to thank you for all that you do for us… I appreciate you both. I know I can sometimes be difficult. Especially when I have production breathing down my neck for product… thank you for hanging in there and doing what you could to help!!”

Patience and Expertise

“You and your team are the best and I value their patience and expertise more than you know.”

I enjoyed working with DWP

“I enjoyed working with DWP and all of your people. You have a knack of hiring people who seemed to instinctively know what the customer wanted.”

Really Impressed Me

“When we had a wrapper issue and we had two production lines down, you not only rushed replacement wrappers through your facility, but rented a plane and flew to our location with them in a rain storm. Not something just any supplier would do and that really impressed me and has stuck with me through all these years.”

‘Saved Our Bacon’

“I cannot count how many times you, Sheri and Jenni, ‘saved our bacon’ during one of one of our notorious ‘crises’... and there were many!”

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