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ecoclip beverage carrier

Packaging as natural and rich as the beer you brew

Made from post-consumer waste paper fibers, our strong and durable beverage holder is perfect to communicate your brand identity.  It's fully recyclable construction allows you to customize your marketing message while you reduce your company's carbon footprint.  For the first time in the format, brewers can combine the passion of creating an all-natural beverage, with the desire for Eco friendly packaging to compliment it.

Doran & Ward Packaging is excited to introduce ECOclip

ECOclip is an attractive, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic can carriers. Available in 5 stock colors or custom printed with your design or logo, ECOclip comes in both 4-pack and 6-pack versions.

Stock ECOclip Colors

Our stock ECOclips come in 5 colors and are available in both 4 packs and 6 packs

Custom Graphic ECOclip

ECOclips are highly customizable and can be printed with your design or logo.  Available in both 4 packs and 6 packs

ECOclip Benefits

433 Total Tons Recycled

Highly Recyclable Compared to Plastic

Recycled paper fibers breakdown easily for reuse.

DW 401K

Potentially Significant Cost Savings

A carrier with fully customized branding at a fraction of the cost.


Reduced Product Weight & Footprint

5000 ECOclips could fit in 1/2 BBL.

Invest In Future Growth With A

Promotional Partnership

Get the inside scoop on how ECOclip can help you build your brand.

Preferred Partners enjoy these additional benefits


Workflow Analysis

Doran & Ward will analyze your current process to determine the best implementation method for the ECOclip.


Branding Consultation

Doran & Ward will consult with your creative team for best color/artwork to match your product.


Initial Inventory

Preferred Partners receive an initial  1000 stock ECOclips for setup.

ecoclip beverage holder

Attachment Tools

Preferred Partners receive a manual ECOclip attachment tool.


Customer Service

Preferred Partners receive ongoing training and customer service.

Need Help?

Call Jenni at 319-754-5359