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PAX Manufacturing’s Doran & Ward Appointed To George Washington University Advisory Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2021

Exclusive Partnership Offers Women Leaders Executive Training to Cultivate Professional Growth and Development

Bellwood, Illinois: PAX Manufacturing Group, which includes Shamrock Labels and Doran & Ward Packaging, has been selected to serve on George Washington University’s School of Business Executive Program Advisory Council. As an Advisory Council member, Pax Manufacturing Group will join a team of accomplished experts from various industries to offer dynamic perspectives and strategic guidance to GW’s School of Business Certificate Programs. Additionally, aspiring female leaders within PAX Manufacturing Group will attend GW’s customized training to leverage their potential as pacesetters in the organization.

PAX Manufacturing Group’s partnership with George Washington University provides a novel opportunity to bring a manufacturing mindset into the School of Business Certificate Program. “As a network of US-based manufacturers, we come to the table with a unique perspective,” said Kevin Gerhard, COO of PAX Manufacturing Group. “We are honored to be chosen to serve on the Advisory Council and are excited to share our voice in shaping future business leaders.” 

The partnership also complements PAX Manufacturing Group’s commitment to developing leadership diversity. Emerging women leaders will participate in courses such as Actions and Accountability, Skills for Contracts and Negotiations, and Driving Idea Generation, Intellect, Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership. “It’s rewarding to work for a company that prioritizes professional growth,” said Shirin Malik, Director of Corporate Contracts & Customer Care. “As someone who joined Shamrock Labels 20+ years ago as a Customer Service Representative and now oversees that department, I have seen firsthand the value of recognizing talent and fostering leadership development. This collaboration is an outstanding opportunity for our team and our organization.”

PAX Manufacturing Group includes Shamrock Labels, Drug Package LLC, and Doran & Ward Packaging. Known for their quality product lines and renowned customer care, these three US-Based manufacturing businesses provide the next generation of innovative packaging, healthcare label solutions, and pharmacy supplies.

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